Coal County History Book 1
Family Names - Titles

Coal County History Book 1
First printed in 1986 and just reprinted for the Fifth time in 2009
This is a hardback book,
444 pages
full of family stories, pictures, births, deaths, marriage,
census info, businesses, schools, ghost towns and more.

The titles below are stories submitted by family members telling
names, dates, places, burials and stories that can not be found anywhere else.

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P. O. Box 436
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Story # Title
F1 Akagi, Leora Ennis
F2 Allen & May Families
F3 Anderson, Bill & Mary Virginia
F167 Andrew, Andrea Ghigo, Family
F4 Anglin Family
F5 Arrington, Hampton E. & Elizabeth (Janie) Carmack
F6 Baker, Dr Lewis Wade
F7 Barnett, O’Neal & McPhetridge Families
F8 Bates, Dr Frank
F9 Battles, James E Family
F10 Baumert, Fred Family
F11 Baumert, John Family
F412 Bays, Tindell & Jordon Famlies
F183 Beard, Harriet Effie & Harkins, George Washington
F12 Beck, Henry Fmaily
F13 Beratto, Charlie
F14 Beratto, Steve
F15 Beratto, Vincent (Chance)
F353 Berger, Edith Christine & Purcell, Bennie F.
F16 Betasso, Anthony (Tony)
F17 Betasso John Family
F18 Betasso, Joseph
F19 Bettis, Monta Christo & Della May Hastings
F20 Bey, Victor & Charlotte
F171 Black, Addena Ann & Griffin, John Clavin
F21 Black, George Washington & Mary Adeline Morgan
F22 Blevins, William & Effie Mae
F23 Blount, Dr William Thomas
F24 Blue, Gilbert & Margie
F25 Boland, Willie & Melissie (Carroll)
F26 Bond, Tuss M & Delpha
F147 Bones, Hester Fishel
F148 Bones, Hester & Fishel, John William “Will”
F27 Bones, Philip Edward, Sr
F28 Bones, William Henry
F29 Bonino Family
F30 Bonino, John
F31 Bonino, Juanita Belle (Ward)
F32 Bonino, Louis Family
F33 Bonino, Robert John
F35 Boyd, Arvil Berry (A.R.) & Gertrude family
F34 Boyd Family
F36 Branom, J.W. “Jim” Family
F37 Branom, Sherman Family
F421 Branom - Walker Family
F38 Bray, Edd
F39 Bray, Walter Jackson
F40 Brecheen Family
F41 Breedlove, Elam Clay
F370 Breger, Roebuck, Dorthy May
F42 Breger, William Monroe, II and Annie May (Hampton)
F43 Brice Family
F44 Bridges, J.T. & Jean Family
F45 Bridges, Jake Family
F46 Bronsema Family
F47 Brown, Frances Marion
F48 Brumit, James J. Family
F49 Brummett Family
F50 Brummett, Floyd & Imogene
F51 Brunson, David D.
F52 Bucklew, W.J. “Walter”
F53 Bullard
F54 Bunch
F207 Bunch - Hope - Jones
F55 Burleson, Lem Arvard
F56 Burleson, Walter Houston
F57 Burns, Daniel
F58 Busby, William
F76 Byrd , Jane & Clanton, Thomas Estel
F59 Callaway Family
F328 Camp, Sarah Texana & Pearson, James Oscar
F60 Cantelli Family
F61 Carden, Joseph Wesley Family
F62 Carlisle - Bowen Families
F64 Carson, Charles William
F65 Carson, Dr Joseph Henry
F63 Carson, Lieutenant General Charles William Jr.
F66 Carter, Bruce, Jr. Family
F67 Carter, Bruce, Sr. Family
F228 Carter & Jones Family
F68 Casey, Sylvester Wallace
F210 Castle, Ruth & Hudson, Bill (MR. Bill)
F128 Cates, Mary Elizabeth & Eddings, Levi Richard
F69 Champion Family
F70 Charon, John Patrick, Sr
F71 Chastain, Wrease “Dub” Family
F180 Chenault, Sarah (Sally) Elizabeth Hampton
F367 Chick, Fannie & Riley, Leon
F72 Chiles Family
F73 Choate, Elizabeth Northrip
F74 Cisak, Albert Family
F75 Citron, Almon
F76 Clanton, Thomas Estel & Jane Byrd Family
F77 Clark, Dr John Benjamin Family
F78 Clark, John Edward Thomas Family
F79 Clark, Roy A
F80 Clark, Walter & Ethel Family
F81 Clark, William Albert
F82 Clifford Greenberry & Louiza Jane Family
F83 Cody, Tom Family
F84 Coffee, James Arthur & Julie Bell Griffin
F85 Coffee, John Jeams
F86 Coffee, John Richard & Jo An Pearce
F88 Cogburm Archie Andy
F87 Cogburn Family
F89 Cogburn, Nute
F90 Collins, J.E. (Ed) Family
F395 Collins, Lavinia & Stalder, Fred Family
F91 Compton, J.C. Family
F92 Conner
F93 Cook, Edward Allen Family
F94 Cook, Frank Finley, Sr
F95 Cook, Vestal Scarrett
F96 Cope, Irene Hill
F97 Cornelius, Ben & Fannie
F98 Cornelius, Benjamin Albert
F271 Courtney, Manley, Lena
F439 Courtney, Wilson, Hazel
F99 Cox, Bruce
F100 Cox, Ed Sr.
F101 Cox, Eddie & Louise
F102 Crane, David Family
F103 Crane, Jack Family
F104 Crane, Jim Family
F105 Crane, Kenneth Family
F106 Crane, Marion Family
F107 Crane, Tom
F108 Crowell Family
F109 Crum, John Alexander & Sally Family
F110 Crum, Luther E Family
F111 Cumins, Velma (Mae) Family
F112 Cummings, John M
F320 Dale, Susan “Jennye” Johnson, Parker Family
F113 Dalrymple, George, Family
F159 Daniels, Clara Estelle & Fowler, Robert “Bob” Family
F114 Davidson, Robert Bruce
F115 Davis, Joe Elliott
F116 Davis, Leon
F117 Davis, Nathaniel (Bud)
F336 Davis - Plato
F118 Davis, Ruff Edmond
F119 Davis, Starksy T. Family
F120 Davis, Zelda Hones
F121 Dobson, David Family
F122 Dobson, Solomon Family
F123 Dority, Dewey Francis “Pot” Family
F124 Drawbaugh, Mary Pickett
F125 Eclair Family
F299 Eddings, Delores & Morgan, Benjamin Franklin
F387 Eddings, Flora Jayne & Smith, Terry L.
F127 Eddings, Frank Family
F128 Eddings, Levi Richard & Mary Elizabeth Cates
F126 Eddings & Smith Family
F129 Edwards, George W. Family
F197 Elzy - Hickerson
F130 English Family
F131 Estes Family
F132 Estes, Harold Monroe
F133 Estes, James Monroe Family
F134 Estes, Lester & Beulah
F135 Evans, W. W. Family
F136 Fanning, Byrd F & Leona (Perkins)
F137 Fanning, Ernest Paul & Peggy Lou (Franklin)
F138 Farrimond, Jim & Era
F139 Farris, Erma Dean Davis
F140 Fathree, Lee W. & Buford
F141 Fenwick, J.C. Family
F142 Ferrero, James Charles & Nelda Nadine Musgrave Family
F143 Ferrero, James Secundo & Gladys Maries Rasmussen Family
F144 Ferrero, Suzana
F145 File Family
F146 Fishel Family
F147 Fishel, Hester (Bones)
F148 Fishel, John William “Will” & Hester Bones
F149 Fishel, Velma (Wheeler)
F150 Fleck Family (August, Henry, Bill & Max)
F151 Flor, Jess Family
F152 Fooshee, George & Nineveh
F153 Foreman, Manley Jacob Family
F154 Forneris, Anna Ghigo
F155 Forneris, Frank & Beatrice
F156 Forneris, Pete & Margaret
F157 Forneris, Spirito Family
F158 Forrester, M. C. Family
F159 Fowler, Robert “Bob” & Clara Estelle Daniels Family
F397 Fowler - Steward Family
F160 Franklin, Bernard & Bertha Family
F137 Franklin, Peggy Lou & Fanning, Ernest Paul
F161 Frick, Herman Family
F162 Gammon Family
F163 Garrett, E. L. & Eva
F164 Gassaway, P.L. & Lillian
F165 Gentry, Eddie Ray (Ed)
F166 Gentry, Fred & Nannie Bell
F167 Ghigo, Andrea (Andrew) Family
F154 Ghigo, Anna Forneris
F168 Ghigo, Domenico
F419 Gilpin, Clara & Waldecker, John Henry Family
F169 Grader, Henry
F170 Green, Lela W. Family
F171 Griffin, John Clavin & Addena Ann Black
F84 Griffin, Julie Bell & Coffee, James Arthur
F172 Grigsby, Leroy Benton & Minnie Overton
F173 Grove, Stephen Grant
F175 Groves, Family
F174 Groves, Noah
F418 Guedin, Ludivine & Villars, Emile Arthur Family
F176 Guest, William L. Family
F177 Gustafson Family
F178 Hall, John Henry
F363 Hall, Rebecca Ruth & Rice, Hulet Thomas (H.T.) Family
F179 Hampton, Abe & Lou
F42 Hampton, Annie May & Breger, William Monroe, II
F180 Hampton, Sarah (Sally) Elizabeth (Chenault)
F181 Hancock, A.L. “Jack” & Pauline
F182 Hanraty, Peter
F183 Harkins, George Washington & Harriet Effie Beard
F184 Harkins, L.C. (Babe)
F185 Harkins, William Joel Family
F186 Harney, Matt
F187 Harris. George William
F188 Hart Family
F358 Hartman, Antionette & Rasmussen, Robert Peter Family
F19 Hastings, Della May & Bettis, Monta Christo
F189 Hayhurst, John Ibbie
F190 Hayhurst, Sarah Josephine
F191 Hays, Samuel Lee Family
F305 Hazel , Anna Louisa & Musgrave, Walter Calvin Family
F192 Hearrell Family
F193 Heck, Nathaniel, (Than) Hawthrone
F194 Helms, Stanley Family
F233 Hendley, Irene & Jones, Virgil Family
F195 Hendley, John Robert & Maranda (Yother) Family
F196 Henley, James (Jim) Cole Family
F197 Hickerson - Elzy
F364 Hicks - Riley Families
F198 Hieronymus
F199 Hilburn, Joseph Samuel Family
F200 Hill, George B & Margaret C.
F201 Hink, John William Family
F202 Hipes, Dr Jesse James
F330 Hogue, Perry, Olga
F203 Holland, T.R.
F204 Hood, John Harvey Family
F205 Hood, John Morgan Family
F206 Hood, Willie, Ruth & John
F207 Hope - Jones - Bunch
F208 Howerton Family
F209 Hudson, Arvard Patton
F210 Hudson, Bill (MR. Bill) and Ruth Castle
F211 Hudson, Charles Arvard Family
F212 Hudson, Warden Clay
F213 Hurley, Patrick J.
F214 Hyden, John Alfred Family
F215 Inman, Dee & Myrtle
F216 Inman, Delbert Family
F217 Jackman Family
F218 Jackson, James Andrew Family
F219 Jackson, Luther Marvin
F346 Jackson - Pope
F220 Jackson, William Woodson Family
F343 Jarrett, Love & Polk, Pascel
F221 Jemison, W.P. Family
F222 Jennings, Elvis
F223 Johnson, Harley Family
F224 Johnson, John
F225 Johnson, Ransy & Minnie Family
F320 Johnson, Susan “Jennye” Dale Parker, Family
F226 Johnston, Charles Timmons
F227 Johnston, Donald & Sherlene Family
F207 Jones - Bunch - Hope
F228 Jones & Carter Family
F229 Jones Family (James William Henry
{John Wewoka Jones})
F231 Jones, Mead Moses & Lucinda B.
F232 Jones, Thomas H & Aveline
F233 Jones, Virgil & Irene (Hendley) Family
F230 Jones - Washburn Family
F412 Jordon, Tindell, Bays Famlies
F234 Jump, Albert Family
F351 Karr, Eva & Powell, Noel
F235 Kelly, Oscar Family
F236 Kile, I.O. & Marge
F237 King, Edward Albert (Eddie)
F238 King, Thomas Edward (Ed)
F239 Kite Family
F240 Kite, Frank & Haskell
F241 Kite, Willie F., Jodie & Samuel
F242 Klinglesmith, T. K.
F243 Lacy, R.M. Family
F244 Landon Family
F245 Landrith Family
F246 Lane, S. W.
F247 Lanoy, Charley & Blanche
F248 Lassiter Family
F249 Lee, George Washington
F250 Lee, Oliver & Daisy
F251 Leone, Joe & Elizabeth
F252 Lewis, A.C. Family
F253 Lewis, Michael & Mahala
F254 Lewis, Mike
F255 Linker Family
F256 Linton, Dock & Lucinda
F257 Linton, Oscar & Martha
F258 Locke, James Marion & Martha Loretta Whitesides Family
F267 Lolli - Maddia Families
F259 London, L. F. & Katerine Martin Family
F260 Long, Orville Platt Family
F261 Loudermilk, Loyd & Marietta
F262 Lowman, Talmage Theodore
F263 Lowman, Thaddeus Theadore
F264 Loyd, Liberty
F265 Lynch, Emmit Family
F267 Maddia - Lolli Families
F266 Magby, Ray Family
F268 Magness, C.A. Family
F269 Magness, J.R.
F270 Mandelin, Ruby Elinor Williams
F271 Manley, Lena Courtney
F272 Marcum (Marcom or Markum)
F277 Marti, Gus David Family
F273 Martin, August (Gus) Family
F274 Martin, David Neal
F275 Martin, Frank Aldemire
F276 Martin, Frankie Lee & Frank David
F259 Martin, Katerine & London, L. F. Family
F278 Martin, Lyle Walter
F359 Martin - ReLeford
F279 Mathers, James H.
F280 Matthews, “P.K.” & Molly Morris Family
F281 Maxwell, Z. T. Family
F2 May & Allen Families
F282 Mayer, Donald Mike
F283 Mayer, Mike
F284 Maytubby, Joseph & Abigail
F285 Mazzolini, Gaetano (Guy) & Ernestine Marie (Zuech)
F286 McCarty, Everett E.
F287 McCarty, George W & Eliza J Family
F288 McCrea, William
F289 McDonald, Robert Hudson Family
F291 McEntire, Kenneth T.
F290 McEntire, “Tump”
F292 McInis, Robert J
F293 McKinney, Richard Taylor
F7 McPhetridge, Barnett & O’Neal Families
F294 McWethy, Bill & Ellen (Smith)
F295 Menghini, Ed Family
F296 Miller, Rev and Mrs David C.
F413 Mills, Marcella “Jean” & Townsend, Willard Pharmer Family
F297 Mobley, Dr Arthur Lee
F298 Monroe, Willis
F299 Morgan, Benjamin Franklin & Delores Eddings
F21 Morgan, Mary Adeline & Black, George Washington
F280 Morris, Molly & Matthews, “P.K.” Family
F300 Motley, Mollie & James Family
F301 Mowdy, Francis Marion Family & Community
F302 Mowdy, Jim G & Ella Hough
F303 Muldrow Family
F304 Musgrave, Era S & Stella M
F142 Musgrave, Nelda Nadine & Ferrero, James Charles Family
F305 Musgrave, Walter Calvin & Anna Louisa Hazel Family
F306 Neal, Orson Family
F307 Nelson, Melmer Family
F308 Nelson, Robert Family
F309 Nelson, Sam “Buddy” & Gladys Pierce
F310 Nichols, J.W.B. Family
F7 O’Neal, Barnett & McPhetridge Families
F312 O’Neal, George Washington
F317 Oder - Osborne Family
F311 Ogle Family
F313 Osborne, Edmond Nelson
F314 Osborne, Jacob Richardson
F315 Osborne, Mary A Wolf
F316 Osborne, Milam Wolf
F317 Osborne, Oder Family
F318 Osborne, Willie D. Family
F172 Overton, Minnie & Grigsby, Leroy Benton
F319 Owens, Robert Leonard
F320 Parker, Susan “Jennye” Johnson Dale Family
F321 Parry, John S Family
F322 Pasquali, Joe
F323 Pate, Velton
F324 Patton, Jack Family
F325 Paxton, Clyde
F326 Paxton, Ulysses Sidney
F327 Pearce, C.J. “Bud” & Helen
F86 Pearce, Jo An & Coffee, John Richard
F333 Pearson, Allene & Phillips, Orville
F328 Pearson, James Oscar & Sarah Texana Nee Camp
F329 Pebworth, Henry
F136 Perkins. Leona & Fanning, Byrd F.
F330 Perry, Olga Hogue
F331 Pertoney, Victor & Albena
F332 Phillips, Charles William & Effie L.
F333 Phillips, Orville & Allene (Nee Pearson)
F334 Pierce, Claude & Lottie D.
F309 Pierce, Gladys & Nelson, Sam “Buddy”
F335 Pittman, Jimmy Dean & Laura Palena Williams Family
F336 Plato - Davis
F337 Pleasant, Edd (Jack)
F338 Plummer, Frank S.
F339 Plummer, Joseph & Raymond
F340 Plummer, Joseph Raymond & Mary Spruill
F342 Polk, John, Sr Family
F343 Polk, Pascel & Love Jarrett
F341 Polk, Vera Family
F344 Polk, William Taylor Family
F346 Pope - Jackson
F347 Pope, Raymond
F348 Pope, Walter & Joe
F345 Pope, Walter & Sara Family
F349 Potter Family
F350 Poulter, Charles Henry & Mary Elizabeth
F351 Powell, Noel & Eva Karr
F352 Prince Family
F353 Purcell, Bennie F & Edith Christine (Berger)
F354 Purdy, John Franklin Family
F355 Quaid Family
F356 Ralls, Elmer Family
F357 Ralls, George T & Effie
F143 Rasmussen. Gladys Maries & Ferrero, James Secundo Family
F358 Rasmussen, Robert Peter & Antionette Hartman Family
F359 ReLeford - Martin
F360 Reynolds Family
F361 Rhea, George Elmer & Sarah Louise Stalcup Family
F362 Rhyne, Francis Marion Family
F363 Rice, Hulet Thomas (H.T.) & Rebecca Ruth Hall, Family
F365 Riley, Andy Lee Family
F364 Riley - Hicks Families
F366 Riley, Ira
F367 Riley, Leon & Fannie Chick
F368 Roark, M.L. “Jack” Family
F369 Robinson, W. B. Family
F370 Roebuck, Dorthy May Breger
F371 Roebuck, James B
F372 Roebuck, Robert C & Mary F
F373 Rumley Family
F374 Rushing, Dr Finis Ewing
F375 Samuel, James Walter Family
F376 Sanders, Myrtle Mae Thompson
F377 Sandmanns
F378 Shearer, Jack & Bernice
F379 Shipman, Odis
F380 Shope, R.W. Family
F381 Smallwood, Derias & Lucy
F126 Smith & Eddings Family
F294 Smith, Ellen & McWethy, Bill
F382 Smith, Frank Family
F383 Smith, Fred Thomas
F384 Smith, Harvey Gilbert Family
F385 Smith, Owen Demetrius
F386 Smith, Richard & Odney
F387 Smith, Terry L & Flora Jayne (Eddings)
F388 Smith, W.H. Henry
F389 Snell, Hope
F390 Snell, John Family
F391 Snow, Wylie
F392 Spencer, Dora
F393 Spencer, Dora - Aunt
F394 Sprague, William (Uncle Bill)
F340 Spruill, Mary & Plummer, Joseph Raymond
F361 Stalcup, Sarah Louise & Rhea, George Elmer Family
F395 Stalder, Fred & Lavinia Collins Family
F396 Stevens, Oscar Marion
F397 Steward - Fowler Family
F398 Stiles, Alfred Rickman
F399 Stone, C.D. Family
F429 Stonecypher, Welborn, Burnice
F400 Superior, Charley & Jennie
F401 Sutherland
F402 Swindell, Edgar Rufus
F403 Swindell, Luther & Tillie
F404 Tarron, James & Elizabeth Family
F405 Thomas, J. C.
F407 Thompson, Ernie Lee
F406 Thompson, G. L.
F408 Thompson, J. B. Jr.
F409 Thompson, Jacob Bryant
F410 Thompson, John Floyd
F411 Thompson, Mildred Ailene
F376 Thompson, Sanders, Myrtle Mae
F412 Tindell, Bays & Jordon Famlies
F413 Townsend, Willard Pharmer & Marcella “Jean” Mills Family
F414 Trice, George A
F431 Turnbow & White Families
F415 Vegher, Angelo, Sr
F416 Vegher, Louis
F417 Vietta, Pete & Emma
F418 Villars, Emile Arthur & Ludivine Guedin Family
F419 Waldecker, John Henry & Clara Gilpin Family
F420 Walker, Ben F
F421 Walker - Branom Family
F422 Walkup, John W .Family
F423 Wallace, John Family
F424 Ward, Bud & Mike
F425 Ward, J. J.
F426 Ward, Jack Family
F427 Ward, John Wesley & Mary Lou
F230 Washburn - Jones Family
F429 Welborn, Burnice (Stonecypher)
F430 Welborn, Lola Belle (Womack)
F428 Welborn, Robert William Family
F149 Wheeler, Velma Fishel
F433 White, Oliver Emer Family
F432 White, Rev George Phillip
F431 White & Turnbow Families
F258 Whiteside, Martha Loretta & Locke, James Marion Family
F434 Whitt, Archibald & Eliza
F435 Whitt, Marcus & Mollie
F436 Williams, Boone
F437 Williams, Frank Family
F335 Williams, Laura Palena & Pittman, Jimmy Dean Family
F270 Williams, Mandelin, Ruby Elinor
F438 Wilson, A. J. (Rome) Family
F439 Wilson, Hazel Courtney
F440 Wilson, Irland & Betty
F441 Wilson, James Riley Family
F442 Wilson, Toney F.
F443 Wise, T. L. Family
F315 Wolf, Osborne, Mary A.
F430 Womack, Welborn, Lola Belle
F444 Wood, James Roy Family
F445 Wood, William, Sr
F446 Woods, Eugene Family
F447 Woods, Harvey & Beatrice Family
F448 Woods, J. J. Family
F449 Woods, James A.
F450 Wright, Muriel H.
F451 Yalch, Frank & Ellen
F452 Yates, James N Family
F453 Yother, Jesse Wilborn Family
F454 Yother, Julian White Family
F195 Yother, Maranda & Hendley, John Robert Family
F456 Young, Arthur (Dushie) Jr.
F455 Young, Arthur “Lorenz”
F457 Young, Arthur, Sr
F285 Zuech, Ernestine Marie & Mazzolini, Gaetano “Guy”
F458 Zuech, Frank Family
F459 Zuech, Mary & Henry


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