You can purchase a copy of the funeral home record from CCGS for $2.00 each.
These records sometimes include who paid for the funeral,
parents or other names, where the body is buried and other important dates.

Please include the Name of the Deceased, Name of the Funeral Home, the Years listed so we know
which book to get it out of, the Page Number and a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope to:

P. O. Box 436
Coalgate, OK 74538

This is a database in progress so please check back for new additions.

Last Update: 1 Jan 2007

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Last Name First Name Funeral Home Years Page # Comments
QUAID Jack Brown 2007 - 2009 272 Husband of Christine (Bailey)
QUAID James Glenn, Jr. Epperson/Brown 1996 - 2000 93 Son of Jack, Sr.
QUEEN Linda Joy Slater 1954 - 1960 257 Dau of Robert M. & Laura E. (Lacy)
QUIETT ? Slater 1908 - 1936 6 Baby
QUIETT Bene, Mrs. Slater 1908 - 1936 14
QUIETT Elsie Slater 1908 - 1936 74
QUIETT W. A. Slater 1908 - 1936 7
QUILISCH Fritz Slater 1908 - 1936 115
QUILISCH Paul Slater 1940 - 1943 41 Husband of Martha
QUILISH Paul, Mrs. Slater 1908 - 1936 75
QUIN Uey, Mr. Slater 1908 - 1936 34G


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